Why am I here..what can I offer you..

  Incorporating yoga into my life has created a balance, clarity and overall wellness in this fast paced world in which we live in. I have come to the realization that every single day is a blessing and an irreplaceable gift.


This mindfulness created by practicing yoga has given me the desire to teach others, that they too, can create balance while being a parent, employee, coach and the many other directions in which their lives provide opportunity. In 2016, I became a certified yoga instructor and have continuously expanded my knowledge, experiences and education.


The pure joy and mindfulness while creating a nourishing meal for my family led me to this place. It was in that moment that I founded yogiforhire - two passions collided beautifully. Here, I am honored to offer private events with an option of delectable treats and nourishing beverages made with absolute love and the highest quality products. 

I look forward to gently guiding you through a regular scheduled class or delivering a specially-tailored event to those seeking pure wellness and revitalization.  If you would like to request an item not listed, please fill out the contact page and a quote will be provided within 72-hours of your 

request.  Set up for private events will take place 30 min. prior start time.  Food and beverage will be arranged immediately after workshop/class. Departure will take place once client’s expectations have been fulfilled.


Your session will be completely individualized, guiding participants

through sequences while connecting body, breath and movement during an intimate and mindful yoga practice. Thank you so much for considering my services. 

With love and gratitude -


*Yogiforhire is fully insured and will carry a NYS permit from the Health Dept. associated with Temporary Food Service